Momentum Planning Conference

Friday, March 8th, 2019

The University of Saskatchewan's Student-Led Planning Conference

Momentum is an annual student-led planning conference that brings together students, professionals, and community members to explore a diversity of topics and their implications for planning and society.

Momentum 2019 will be held on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon.

Who is Momentum for?

Momentum is for all those who are interested in communities, planning, and related disciplines.


Momentum offers an opportunity for planning students to explore areas of planning outside of their area of study, along with the opportunity to build on their areas of interest. For students in other disciplines, Momentum offers a chance to see how their field of study can contribute to better communities. Students will also get a chance to network with both professionals and fellow students.


Momentum provides a chance to connect with other professionals, and a chance to learn about the latest best practices in planning and related disciplines. Momentum offers Eight Hours of SPPI/CIP Continuous Professional Learning.

Community Members

Momentum offers a chance to learn about planning practices, as well as what is currently being done to improve your communities.

The 2019 Conference

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