About the Conference

Momentum is organized by a group of students mainly from the Regional and Urban Planning (RUP) Program at the University of Saskatchewan. We represent a wide range of interests and academic aspirations, but are united by our desire to promote the health of our communities.

This year we are excited to be hosting the third annual Momentum conference in coordination with the Planning Students Association as we celebrate 50 years of the RUP program at the University of Saskatchewan.


Momentum was originally created by a group of dedicated planning students after the unexpected cancellation of the national student planning conference.  Momentum proved to be a hit with attendees and presenters in its first year and the decision was made to make it an annual event in coordination with the University of Saskatchewan Planning Department and the Planning Students Association.

In its third year, Momentum still seeks to empower attendees with knowledge on how to improve the health of their communities. Momentum 2016 focused on the themes of environmental stewardship, community cohesion, and mobility, while Momentum 2017 focused on collaboration and connection between the various team players that work together in order to create successful plans.


Momentum 2018 aims to provide attendees with an educational experience that promotes network building between planning professionals, students, and other knowledgeable professionals from a variety of industries.

Our mission is to allow event attendees to branch out beyond their usual area of expertise allowing them to immerse themselves in the many facets of community health in an exchange of meaningful dialogue.

Connect with MOMENTUM

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